Our story

Even Dreams Whispered to the Moon Can Come True

2000-2003 –
Founder Phillip Boisvert began the mission at the Cambridge School of Weston as a lounge area tea-stand which served cups of tea -- all profits went to charity (Amnesty International, Greenpeace, Food Not Bombs). We hosted art time, poetry readings, music events. Phillip taught fellow students about native plants and medicines from around the world. We formed gatherings in the forest which focused on returning our psyche to the natural world. The name MoonDreamTea was chosen one night under the full moon when a group of dreamers gathered and shared stories and visions of a better future. We looked seven generations backward in time, and seven generations forward in time, and decided that we were the age of the MoonDream – the ones who actually had a chance to one day achieve sustainable space travel, living, and commerce. It was then the name MoonDreamTea was chosen, and we set off to be the first teahouse on the Moon.

2003-2007 –
Phillip’s passion grew and MoonDreamTea moved to Washington state where a teahouse named "TeaHouse of a 1000 Wishes" was opened up for the Evergreen Community, known as OlyWa. Phillip studied healing practices, chemistry (infusion science), local ecology, native cultures and traditions, business, and sustainability. The teahouse stored lots of wellness herbs and tea and fellow colleagues could stop by anytime available to have a custom tea blend created for them. Major problems included not asking for fair wages, slow production time, costly operations. MoonDreamTea falls into financial difficulties but has a great public image.

2007-2009 –
Founder Phillip Boisvert moves to New England, where he attends the MBA program at University of Massachusetts Boston majoring in Decision Science (Operations) and Entrepreneurial Ventures. During his time at UMASS-Boston he developed and tested infusions with his teachers and colleagues. Most noteably was a Rose based infusion designed for vodka, known as "Sun-Tea Cooler". Furthermore, Phillip has come up with 15 featured blends after his many years in the field, each tea he feels brings a particular and essential healing quality to society.

2010 – 2016 –
MoonDreamTea engages in a mission named "Project Sightings". The goal was to create a solid brand identity and bring it to the public. We decide to become a live triple-bottom line business selling our own blended teas and wellness herbs on the internet, in-person directly to individuals and businesses, at farmer's markets, and donating a portion of the profits back to the local community and to various charities. We gathered together local artisans to help design the images for our blends and logo. We established relationships with organic farms from around the world and with suppliers. We hired a diverse workforce and tested out production and service methods. We proudly called our employees, the "Galactic Wellness TEAmmm". We toured around the country as part of the Project Sightings campaign, building temporary teahouses which aimed to reconnect the average person with the healing power of the natural world. Major problems included not asking for fair wages, slow production time, costly operations. High Production and Travel Costs. MoonDreamTea once again falls into financial difficulties.

2016 - 2018
MoonDreamTea continued to tour around the country with his “spaceship” (a mobile teahouse, or, as he liked to say, “space he could ship”). After reading Our Common Home by Pope Francis, Phillip decides to take a break from touring the country and focus on improving sustainability. MoonDreamTea settles its operations in the Boston area with plans to open a tearoom in 2019 called MoonDream By The Sea Tearoom. We plan to encourage fellow urbanites to participate in community gardening and to host informative gatherings on topics such as Herbal Medicines, Home Gardening, Mythology, Storytelling, Start-Up Businesses and much more.

2018-Present –
MoonDreamTea shifts from Project Sightings to MoonDream By The Sea Tearoom and aims to provide serenity through a mixture of the elements and senses. Our focus will be on nutritious universal wellness and truth. We seek to host guided tea-time experiences which will celebrate cultures and their ceremonies as practiced around the Earth. We will also host live music, lectures, poetry readings, provide research space with a small library, daily meditations, and allow pilgrims access to the shrine to Our Lady of the MoonDream. We hope to one day become a pious sanctuary where all can enjoy a moment of peace and community.