Mya's Golden Nook

Blend: Chamomile, Jasmine, Rosemary

FlavorStrong Chamomile, Toasty

Story"....Chamomile smiled at her new soft pillow. "Thank you, Mother." "Oh, you're truly welcome my golden burst of sun-beads."Mya replied in a tone that reminds one of ways the skin feels after a sauna. "Mom, before you go, could you turn on a night light." "Oh Chamomile, you've always been a candle in the darkness" with that said Mya lit a candle for Chamomile and went off to bed..... " from The Galactic Adventures of the Teaman, chpt. 5.
Preparation Method: Boil 12 oz. Add 2 teaspoons. Steep 1-4 minutes. Strain then Enjoy!